Some Fresh Looks on Some Vintage Balcony Ideas

Balconies have been a mainstay for society throughout the ages, ever since multilevel homes and buildings were invented. Various styles of balconies have been created, come into style, and gone out of style over the years. But no matter what kind of balcony you are working with, you need to have a strategy to get a fresh look on it. If you don’t, you won’t be able to get the outcome you envisioned, whether it’s a beautiful space for your family or your buyer. So take a look at the following ideas and make the most out of your vintage balcony today.


There are as many wood balcony styles as there are home styles. From rounded pegs, to curving architectural designs, to lattices, wood balconies are a great showcase of what nature has to offer. Therefore, one of the best ways to get great looks with wood balconies is to leverage the natural aesthetic they already possess. Think in terms of natural colors like red, green, and blue. Consider painting designs on the railings of the balcony in floral prints and patterns. Finally, add some accents of natural plants, ivy, or potted trees in the corner, on the railings, or clinging to the wall. This will give you a great aesthetic that makes the most of the wood.

Wrap Arounds

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a wrap-around porch or balcony. If you do on your building, then you can do a lot of things that a normal balcony wouldn’t allow. For one, you can create a “creative corner” on one end of the balcony and still leave plenty of room for walking and entertaining for the rest of the space. Consider creating a scattering of plants that provide natural beauty along with flowers that go with the paint or brick of the building. Use furniture that is sleek yet rustic so people feel drawn to drink and chat on the balcony to create comfortable but free feeling.


If you’re dealing with a wrought iron balcony design, you’re in luck. This style has been used in Europe especially for ages. It creates an artistic, rustic look that you can really play around with. If possible, remodel the area around the balcony to feature brick accents. Stick with earthy colors that go well with the dark iron, and avoid plastic materials as this can look cheesy.

Clay and Stone Archways

Of all the things the ancient Romans left the world, stone archway balconies are probably one of the most beautiful. Big sweeping entrances and walkways often display themselves on the front of older homes and buildings. You have a lot to work with in a balcony like this. Be sure to add clay pots with plants and consider hanging artwork (waterproof it if hanging outside). The end result will be nothing short of a romantic villa of ages past.

Screened In

Some people see screened in balconies as a limit, but the opportunities are there for maximizing your space. First of all, add some kind of furniture that adds warmth to the space, as there will be a feeling of disconnection from the outdoor nature. And secondly, use darker wooden colors that recreate the feeling of a cozy nook, not a cheesy plastic screen-in.

Balconies are integral to any part of a home or building. They are the first thing that people often notice when walking or driving up to a space. So don’t take a shortcut when putting your balcony to its best use with proper design that really makes the most out of the space. That way you can achieve your results, whether it is personal enjoyment or resale value now and into the future.

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